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Life doesn’t end when dementia begins.  You may need to ask for a little help here and there, but the best way to accept dementia into your life is to continue doing the things you enjoy.


  • Follow a routine. Doing things at the same time every day or week can stimulate your memory and be reassuring for you.
  • Pin notes up. If there are things you need to do regularly, like lock the doors at night or put out the recycling, putting notes up in places that are easy to see can help remind you to do them.
  • Use pictures
  • Carry a notebook. Writing down daily tasks and specific things you want to get done each day can help you stay independent for longer.
  • Keep things in the same place. Where possible, leave important things, like your glasses or keys, in the same place every time so that you know where to find them.
  • Consider using supportive technologies. Some people with dementia find it helpful to have clocks with large numerals, or clocks that show the date and day of the week, as well as the time. Click here for helpful products.
  • It is possible to keep driving after a diagnosis of dementia. However, there are things that you must do to keep driving safely and legally. Living with demetnia and driving
  • Stay socially active. Staying connected with people and engaging in social activities, such as going to the theatre or cinema, or being part of a walking group or choir, is good for your confidence and mental wellbeing. If you have someone who helps care for you, an active social life is good for them, too.

Many communities are now dementia friendly. For example, cinemas put on dementia-friendly screenings of the latest films, and leisure centres run dementia-friendly swimming sessions as well as other activities.
By being aware of your local dementia-friendly activities, you can share experiences and use tips from others who are affected by dementia.
Look at our calendar to find support groups and dementia friendly activities near to you.


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